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We created this page after we received a number of unprompted emails from patients with positive feed-back about their experience through our practice. We then realised that it is important for future patients to know those stories and be reassured about the interaction during consultations and about the possible impact of recommended treatment on their quality of life.
If you are a patient of ours please share your experience here:
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Bilateral Hip Replacement: "Getting my life back"
Sarah, Bilateral Hip Replacement, Dublin
Hi Mihai,

I'm so trilled with my new hips I thought I'd email you to fill you in on what they are doing for me:

  • Climbed a gate with ease about 2 weeks ago, something I haven't been able to do for a few years.
  • Did a 16km canal walk last week with ease and even better no grumbling legs/joints afterwards
  • Today climbed Blackhill in the snow, made it to the top with ease but even better came down with confidence and speed, in past I'd have 'crept' down with feet not going where they should to keep balance. And even better again have been able to 'fly' up and down stairs this evening, in past I'd have crawled up the stairs for a few days after such a walk.
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on me, its opened up the possibility of doing things I thought I'd never get to do again.
Sarah Wall
Returned to GAA stronger than before the injury
Sarah Wall, ACL Reconstruction with Extra-articular ITB tenodesis, Dunboyne, Co Meath

I am currently a 6th year student an I tore my ACL in a Gaelic football blitz in 2017. 

Mihai diagnosed the rupture in my left knee. I was heartbroken as soon as he told me the news, as sport was such a huge part of my life, but his empathy and reassurance comforted me to go through with the surgery. 

As a 16 year old I found this whole experience very daunting. Mihai performed an ACL reconstruction and extra-articular procedure and with the help of my physio and family I started my recovery. The beginning was a very tough experience for me. 

Looking back now, my father always brings up a question I asked Mihai before my surgery, I asked whether or not I would regain my strength and speed to its full capability, at the time Mihai had a fourth year student in with him doing work experience who had the same injury and surgery done by Mihai and he answered my question saying he was stronger and faster. I can now completely agree with him. Through this tough experience I have learnt such discipline and know what my body is truly capable of. 

Last year I played in Croke Park with Meath senior ladies, this year I've played in the division 3 league title with Meath which we won, I also won a Leinster A title with Meath minors. 

Mihai did such an excellent job, thank you Mihai for everything.

Stale Lysebo
Meniscal Tear Surgery: "Very Professional and Excellent Job"
Stale Lysebo, Meniscal tear surgery , Rush, Co Dublin
I twisted my knee in December 2015 and I thought I was going to walk it off. After 2 weeks I still felt as the knee was slipped out of position.
I waited 1 month and went for MRI that showed a tear in my meniscus. As I have always been active, playing football, gym and running I suspected the tear might have been there for a while. After some research I found Mr Mihai by chance on the internet in relation to Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin.

I contacted Mr Mihai and brought along my MRI two months after the incident. After consultation I was given two options, either live with the tear and get used to it or have surgery & perform meniscectomy (removing of the torn part). As the tear bothered me quite much I opted for surgery.
In April 2016 Mihai performed the surgery on my knee which lasted only 15 minutes. A few hours later I walked out of the clinic without crutches. My knee was sore and swollen but no pain that inhibited my walking. 

After 4 weeks of physiotherapy and rehabilitation I slowly started to jog again with minimal pain. It has now gone one year since the injury, 8 months since the surgery and I am back in full activity. My right knee actually feel better than the left.

I want to thank Mr. Mihai for very professional and excellent job!
Stephen Donnelly
Meniscal Repair: "Return to long distance running"
Stephen Donnelly, Meniscal Repair , Toronto, Canada

Dear Mihai. 

Three years after surgery my knee feels entirely normal.  I just finished a 10 km marathon in Toronto for charity . All possible because of your surgical skills. 

Thank you for preserving my meniscus and making possible for me to return to long distance running. 


Tony Malone
The Young Arthritic Knee: "Mihai put me at ease as soon as I walked into his clinic"
Tony Malone, Knee Arthritis Treatment, Athboy, Co Meath

I have severe arthrtis in my knee at a very young age (40 yo) and I'm trying to delay having a knee replacement. 

Mr Vioreanu immediately put me at ease as soon as I walked into his clinic. Mihai took his time to answer all my questions and concerns and I walked away feeling that now I had a plan in place to manage my knee condition. 

I highly recommend Mr Vioreanu. I felt listened to and his advice was really appreciated.

Thank you.


Leave a testimonial for Mr. Mihai Vioreanu

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