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We created this page after we received a number of unprompted emails from patients with positive feed-back about their experience through our practice. We then realised that it is important for future patients to know those stories and be reassured about the interaction during consultations and about the possible impact of recommended treatment on their quality of life.
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Aileen O'Mahony
Revision ACL: "High Level of Empathy and Professionalism"
Aileen O'Mahony, Revision ACL surgery, Co Cork
I am an active PE and Maths teacher who has always enjoyed playing a range of sports. Around ten years ago, I tore my right ACL playing basketball and after a long and painful recovery lasting 8 months to a year, I struggled to regain my fitness, but returned to playing sport. After 2/3 years of training and playing I ruptured my left ACL. This time, I went to a different surgeon. Both experiences with the surgeons were similar, somewhat impersonal.

However, when I needed revision surgery, Mr Mihai Vioreanu was recommended and I can honestly say that his level of empathy and professionalism changed my opinion on surgery.

I received a donor (Achilles) graft where Mihai used a graft sourced in the US. My recovery was so much faster than with previous operations. Each time I went to my physio, she would highlight that the stage of recovery I was at was similar to other patients who had their ACL replacement operation 1/2 months before me. I found that, unlike the other times, I lost only a fraction of the strength in my hamstring and quadriceps.

I would strongly recommend Mihai and found him so personable and responsive, always getting back to me if I had a question. For example, once when I was concerned and emailed Mihai, within minutes he had responded and put my mind at ease.
Bernice Molony
ACL Reconstruction: "Exceptionally Professional Surgery & Follow-Up"
Bernice Molony, ACL Reconstruction, Melbourne, Australia
As a GP and a patient I can fully appreciate the quality of care I received having my ACL reconstruction done with Mr Vioreanu.

I had a skiing accident and ruptured my ACL. Within a few days of my return home I had an appointment and discussion with Mihai about my options and likely time frames which was very important to me both for work, and, as I was emigrating to Australia within a few months. I was extremely happy with the care that I received having opted to go ahead with surgical reconstruction. My physiotherapist was amazed by my quick recovery and minimal scarring. On leaving Ireland I was even given contacts in Australia in case I needed any follow up (I didn’t) and I have had no issues getting back to pre-injury sports activities. Often I forget which knee was operated due the excellent function of the reconstructed knee.

Many thanks for an exceptionally professional surgery and follow up. I absolutely recommend Mr Vioreanu both as a patient and as a GP.
Camil Perian
"Appropriate diagnosis and rehabilitation made a major difference"
Camil Perian, Non-operative Treatment, Bucharest, Romania

I am 37 years old CEO and met Mr. Mihai Vioreanu after an 18 months of continuous knee pain following surgery that did not worked well and a wrong rehabilitation performed in a different clinic. Mr. Vioreanu was the fifth orthopaedic surgeon in Europe to evaluate me in 18 months and the only one who was able to determine right away the source of my knee pain.


After evaluating and explaining in a very professional way and also easy to understand the source of my pain Mihai recommended a completely different rehab protocol then I received before. I was very impressed with the Physiotherapy department in Sports Surgery Clinic and with professionalism of Mr. Colm Fuller, lead Physiotherapist in SSC.


Following Mihai's recommendation the pain in my knee reduced next day by half and then disappeared completely over the next 6 months. I was really impressed how he "took me from hell to heaven" in such a short time.


Thank you Mihai and many thanks to your team in SSC! I cannot thank you enough!

Cathal Melinn
Total Hip Replacement: "Incredible experience improving my life"
Cathal Melinn, Total Hip Replacement , Whitehall, Dublin 9

Mr. Vioreanu is an incredible surgeon who significantly improved my mobility and quality of life in just 2 days after hip replacement surgery! 

Mihai explained in clear and simple language the process and outcome before the procedure (which only took about an hour), this was very reassuring to know.  

His precision, skill and technique meant the impact of the recovery period was minimal and I was walking with crutches the next morning, which by all standards is a phenomenal result.  

I'm 4 weeks after surgery, I'm driving and walking better than ever before (without crutches or pain too). Now I have a greater range of movement and just a barely noticeable scar which is great! 

Walking and everything was so restrictive before the operation at such a young age ( 38 yo ) but I'm excited and very much looking forward to enjoying a fully functional active life.  

Best thing I ever did!! Mihai is highly recommend.

Chirstina Reilly
Bilateral TKR Surgery: "Enjoying Every Minute of It"
Chirstina Reilly, Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery, Ballinteer, Dublin
After many years of discomfort with both knees, endless amounts of injections, and getting nowhere I met Mr Vioreanu at the Sports Surgery Clinic in December 2014.

During the consultation Mihai took the time to explain in plain language the risks and the benefits of total knee replacements. I was very comfortable with his open and straight approach. I was advised to exercise in preparation for the operation on my right knee in January 2015. I did Pilates for 20 minutes daily for 6 weeks prior to my operation. I went into the hospital on Friday and home on Monday. Ten weeks later I had my left knee replaced.

After 5 months I flew to Sydney and walked pain free, really enjoying the trip. I am back hill walking and enjoying every minute of it. I got my life back.

Many thanks Mihai.
Christine Burton
I am now more active than I have been in many years
Christine Burton, High Tibial Osteotomy, Ballyboden, Dublin 16.

I had High Tibial Osteotomy surgery with Mr Mihai Vioreanu in November 2016. Having osteoarthritis in my left knee left me unable to enjoy a normal active life without pain if I spent long periods walking or standing. 

The initial consultation offered me options on a solution which were very clearly explained and I opted for the high tibial osteotomy. Recovery from this surgery required non weight bearing which means finding patience and listening to that direction. 

The outcome was worth every minute of the wait and after some physio to assist with recovery I am now more active than I have been in many years. 

If Mr Vioreanu suggests this surgery as an option I would recommend listening and giving it high consideration.

Ciaran Holton
ACL Reconstruction & Meniscal Repair: "Returned to play stronger than before"
Ciaran Holton, ACL Reconstruction & Meniscal Repair, Enfield, Co Meath

I ruptured my ACL while playing GAA for my school in an Under 16’s Leinster Colleges’ semi-final, February 2016. I had a scan which confirmed ACL rupture and torn meniscus. I was 15 years old at the time and playing a lot of football for my club, school and county. I was not expecting this news and the prospect of having to miss 9-12 months of football was quite devastating. 

A week later I met with Mihai. He inspired confidence in me and he reassured me that I would return to football with a much better knowledge of my fitness and more aware of how to avoid further injury. He emphasised the importance of following his comprehensive rehab protocol and talked me through the various stages of the rehab journey. 

On April 6th 2016 I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery with Mihai in Sports Surgery Clinic. Everything went well thankfully and Mihai and all the staff in Santry were great, particularly the physios who helped and guided me through the initial rehab work.  The main part of my rehab journey was supervised by my local physio, Michael Hoey in Carbury, who worked with me through Mihai’s rehab protocol for the subsequent 9 months and to whom I am hugely indebted.

It’s now exactly one year today since my ACL operation. I started back to some light training after Christmas and got the all-clear from Mihai in January for a gradual return to play. Seven or eight games later, building up my on-the-pitch minutes with each match, I’ve now played the last four club games in full and I am looking forward to playing in the Minor League County Final in two weeks time. 

This wasn’t an easy journey but I really appreciate Mihai’s guidance, reassurance and care and the fact that he was always approachable and available along the way, whether in person or via email. 

Many thanks Mihai & SSC team. 

Update on December 2017: 

Hi Mihai,

I just wanted to give you a brief follow up on my progress since our last mails back in February.

Thankfully I had a great year and played approx. 30 full games at the highest level of County Football, both in Kildare and also for my school.  

The great news is that I came through all of this with no adverse impact on the knee and if anything I got stronger as the year progressed. 

Thanks again for all your help.

Cornelius O'Donovan
Realignment Surgery: "enjoy an active life "
Cornelius O'Donovan, High Tibial Osteotomy, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin
I had High Tibial Osteotomy surgery with Mr Mihai Vioreanu in February 2015. I had been in terrible pain with my knee in 2014 following arthroscopic 'clean-out' performed in a different hospital.

Mr Vioreanu was excellent during all my consultations with him. He spoke openly and plainly about the surgical procedure in layman's terms. He thoroughly discussed all the pros and cons involved. Mihai was always ready and available to assist me after surgery. I am now back to a normal lifestyle and enjoy an active life.

I have recommended Mr Vioreanu to many of my friends who have had knee problems and had similar feed-back from them.
David Kilbride
Revision ACL: "Returned to rugby after 6-7 months"
David Kilbride, Revision ACL Reconstruction, Sandyford, Co. Dublin
I came to Mr Mihai Vioreanu having two failed previous ACLs. I was struggling to walk upstairs and had discomfort walking and jogging.

Mihai was very professional in his assessment and offered several options as treatment. Upon further assessment we decided that a two stage revision and a donor (Achilles) graft would be the best option. As this type of operation is not commonly performed in Ireland I was expecting some difficulties, however Mihai was over accommodating and helpful in dealing with the health insurer.

The surgery was a massive success and I was back in rehab much quicker than the previous ACL operations (hamstring grafts) and back on the rugby pitch within 6-7 months.

I highly recommend Mihai. He had my best interests and goals at heart throughout. David
David Ryan
ACL Reconstruction "Inspiring Experience & Return to International Level"
David Ryan, ACL Reconstruction, Two-Mile Borris, Co Thurles
My name is David Ryan and I am sixteen years old. In October of 2015, I ruptured my left ACL playing basketball. Up until then I was an international athlete and played basketball at national level. After my injury, I was extremely worried that my dream of becoming an international athlete and Olympian was over. When I told people I had an ACL rupture, they gave me the impression that I would never return to sport again. On my first visit, I was reassured by Mr. Mihai Vioreanu that I could make a full return to sport, provided that I followed his rehabilitation protocol. I was also given the option of taking part in the SSC rehabilitation pathway which I gladly engaged in. I got lots of support from Mr. Mihai and his team and also from my physiotherapist, Karen Coughlan, in Cahir. I also got further reassurance from Mr. Mihai’s website and the fact that he was always available to contact. I won’t say the rehab was always easy but I kept going. After a year of dedicated work from myself, Mr. Mihai and my physiotherapist, I am happy to say I have made a full recovery. At my nine-month 3D Dimensional ACL Review, August 2016, I had one of the best scores the clinic had ever seen.

I am currently back to full training and I am on track to reach the World Youth standard in long jump and 400m. Mr. Vioreanu has also given me the inspiration to follow a career in medicine and surgery.

I am forever indebted to him for my full recovery.
George Grimes
Total Knee Replacement: "Able to walk pain-free again"
George Grimes, Total Knee Replacement, Wexford
I had a knee replacement operation in October 2015 in the Sports Surgery Clinic and I would like to share my experiences with other people.

I had my pre-assessment 3 weeks prior to my operation which was done so efficiently and where all information was relayed back to me very shortly afterwards.  During the consultation with Mr. Mihai Vioreanu there was nothing left for me to ask as he explained the full procedure very clearly and he informed me about everything in full detail.  

Prior to this operation I could barely walk and the pain was tremendous for many years. It is now 3 months since I had my operation and I am already walking perfectly and without the aid of crutches.

I believe that Mr. Mihai’s advice regarding my physiotherapy was the key to my quick recovery. I followed the exercises that Mihai advised me to do day by day and no doubt it was so much better than any pain killers. Yes, it was painful at times but I knew that this was the answer and that I had to help myself. Mr. Mihai rehabilitation booklet is very simple and each exercise is clearly illustrated, user friendly and easy to follow.

Constant liaison via emails, phone calls and letters from Gwen, Mr. Mihai’s Assistant were sent regularly and fully detailed for my appointments before and after my operation.

Finally I would like to say that I am so pleased that I had this operation in Sports Surgery Clinic and the treatment I received was excellent throughout. The aftercare from all the nurses, doctors and physiotherapists was excellent and they were so caring towards me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mihai Vioreanu, Gwen his secretary and all his team. My life has changed tremendously and I am able to walk again.

Gerry Fahy
"thorough gentleman allied to his professional competence"
Gerry Fahy, Foream fracture fixation, Ashbourne, Co Meath

When I recently broke my forearm in two places I was under considerable pain. I had however the good fortune to be introduced to Mr Vioreanu shortly thereafter who then performed surgery on my arm in SSC. I was immediately struck by his professionalism and the fact that the patient was the centre of his focus.

Despite a delay on the day of surgery, he took time out of his theatre work to visit me, explain the cause of the delay and tell me when the operation would take place later on in the day so as to put my mind at ease.

It is not always evident that talented medical specialists have commensurate interpersonal skills - in Mr Vioreanu's case  - he was a thorough gentleman allied to his professional competence.

It is often said that 'form is temporary but class is permanent' - and it is therefore without hesitation I highly recommend Mr Vioreanu to any would be patients.  

It was a privilege for me to be in the hands of such a learned and competent professional and for that I thank him most sincerely.

Horia Savin
Conservative treatment for meniscal tear better than surgery
Horia Savin, Non-operative treatment , Co Dublin
I have torn meniscus in both knees from playing football. I found out about three years ago when after an MRI scan immediate surgery was recommended in a different clinic. I was a bit reluctant to have surgery and I started seeking alternative treatments. Mr Mihai Vioreanu was recommended.

I had my appointment with Mr Mihai Vioreanu almost two years ago. During a very detailed and in depth consultation he explained to me the nature of my condition and that in my case light exercise and cycling would be a better treatment than surgery.

Now I can walk up and down the stairs and carry on with my very busy daily activities absolutely pain free and unrestricted from any moves and completely unaware of my knee problems.

Thank you Mihai.
Irene Culloty
"If you need a knee replacement go for it"
Irene Culloty, Total Knee Replacement , Clontarf, Dublin 3
If you need a knee replacement, go for it!  
I waited 7 years and am sorry I did. I got my new knee in Sept 2017 with Mr. Vioreanu and never looked back!  
It is the best thing I have done.  
Mr Vioreanu and his staff are so friendly and professional. Follow up is wonderful and everything seems easy and natural to them.  

Thank you again to Mr. Vioreanu and all staff in his team. 
Jenna Gicevic
ACL REconstruction: "Quick & Pain Free Recovery"
Jenna Gicevic, ACL Reconstruction, Dundalk, Co Louth
I had an accident while I was in Bosnia and the doctors there placed a cast on my leg and advised me not to walk at all on that leg.

Based on a friend recommendation I rang Mr. Vioreanu's office and Gwen, his receptionist was very nice to schedule an appointment. Mihai got rid of the cast the minute he saw me. I was asked to go to do a pre rehab in order to build back the muscles and improve my knee movement. Within 2 weeks I had my ACL reconstructed. It was very successful. I had very little pain and knee felt great. Within a week I was back to work and started slowly walking. The recovery process was very quick and pain free. Now I have no problems with my knee. In fact, I am squatting weights. I am also able to run without any issues. I did have to put a lot of work into it by going to physio and going to the gym 5 times a week. I am back doing all the activities I used to do before. I can also fully bend my knee which at the start was a bit of a struggle.

Mihai brought my confidence back and reassured me everything was going to be okay which meant a lot at the time. I fully trust Mr Vioreanu and I recommend him to all of my family and friends.

Thank you!
Jim Walsh
"What a super service"
Jim Walsh, Knee Arthroscopy , Co Wexford
After a consultation with Mr. Mihai Vioreanu with a knee problem I was 100% confident I was with the right person to have the planned procedure with.  
Now 16 day's post operation I had some questions about my recovery. So I dropped an email to Mihai.  
What a super service! I received a prompt response to my query and all this on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Mihai
John Roberts
Total Hip Replacement: "Thoroughly Professional Care"
John Roberts, Total Hip Replacement, Old Town, Co Dublin
I had my hip replaced with Mr. Vioreanu last year. I was suffering for years with my hip but it was only afterwards I realised how much pain and discomfort I was living with.

From the first time I met Mihai I felt comfortable with the man who eventually would be operating on me. He explains things in a manner that even a novice like myself can understand. The care before, during and after is thoroughly professional. Mihai takes time to explain exactly what is going to happen and how you will feel and ultimately gives great advise on your post-op recovery.

I would highly recommend Mr Vioreanu and the Sports Surgery Clinic.
Julie Anne Hudson
"Walking poles only two weeks after surgery - I am so happy"
Julie Anne Hudson, Total Hip Replacement, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin
As a woman in her sixties, who has always been active, I was delighted to be introduced to Mr Vioreanu. A friend had recommended me to him as her GP was impressed with her rapid recovery. 
At the consultation the information was clear and I was given a very informative booklet to take away and study.  I was admitted on a Tuesday morning, operated on Tuesday afternoon and home on Thursday evening. At 9:30 on Tuesday evening Mr Vioreanu was at my bedside to tell me the operation had gone well and then suggested I got out of bed, I couldn’t believe it. I took a few steps with his support and this gave me huge confidence. The next morning as I waiting for the physio to do her rounds I practised some of the bed exercises that I had been given by my own physio prior to admission. Working with a Physio prior to surgery has certainly helped and on Mr Vioreanu’s advice I saw my physio just over a week after discharge. She was able to work on my leg and reduce the stiffness and swelling in the knee. This gave me more freedom of movement. 

The booklet that Mr Vioreanu gave me on the exercises ensures that I do them each day and as correctly as I can as the instructions are clear. I continue to review the exercises with my physio to suit my needs.
I am now on a trial with the Urban walking poles, just two weeks after surgery and I am so happy. I can walk tall and confidently with these poles. I am feeling so much better. My friends tell me I have grown in height. I had not realised how ill I had become with the pain in my hip.   

I am delighted that Mr Vioreanu is my surgeon and grateful for his research into improving ways to improve our lives.
Mark Doolan
ACL Reconstruction: "I couldn't be happier with the results of my surgery"
Mark Doolan, ACL Reconstruction, Auckland, New Zealand ( ex SSC, Dublin )
Several weeks after completing my undergraduate studies as a physiotherapist, I ruptured my ACL playing football. I knew the severity of the injury and felt I had a good grasp of its implications, but none the less I was nervous about the prospect of surgery and subsequent rehab.

My physio recommended Mr Vioreanu as he had referred several patients to him for ACL surgery in the past and had received nothing but excellent feedback from them.

Mihai was an absolute gentleman from the outset and made me feel at ease. We explored the options available, discussed proposed time frames and he answered any questions I had. Throughout my lead-up to surgery and subsequent follow-up, Mihai was easily contactable and very approachable. I commenced my first physio job only four weeks after my surgery and I have had a very successful rehab.

Subsequently, since my surgery I have met and treated many of Mihai’s patients while working as a Physiotherapist at SSC and the positive feedback has been unanimous. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my ACL reconstruction and would recommend Mr Mihai Vioreanu to anyone undergoing orthopaedic surgery.
Mary Brady
Total Knee Replacement: "I knew from an early stage that I was in safe hands"
Mary Brady, Total Knee Replacement, Beaumont, Dublin 9
Dear Mr Vioreanu,

I would like to thank you for the excellent and professional service that was provided in dealing with my knee surgery back in May of 2015.

Your wonderful personality made me feel at ease and I knew from an early stage that I was in safe hands. After my surgery, your daily visits gave me the confidence and assurance to get back on my feet, albeit on crutches, and within 3 days I was home.

The whole experience although daunting at first was made easier by you and your staff and for that I am grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.

A special thank you to Gwen for all her help. She was always courteous and very helpful when dealing with her.

Thank you.
Megan Montibert
ACL Reconstruction: "Back on the slopes"
Megan Montibert, ACL Reconstruction, Dublin
Hi Mr Vioreanu and Gwen,

Just to say a big thank you for everything.

I am now 10 months post surgery and just back from a 10 day skiing holiday!
I was able to ski the whole time pain free, the knee was a little weaker than usual, but to be expected.
I am now also back into running and usually go for a 4k run 3 times a week.

There is no way to say this enough but thank you, thank you, thank you!
Neill Bolger
"A true professional with a feel for the game."
Neill Bolger, Meniscal Surgery, Ballinteer, Co Dublin.
I damaged the medial ligament and tore my meniscus in the right knee while playing football. My local physiotherapist told me I was extremely lucky not to damage the ACL and that I should perhaps consider whether or not I wanted to continue playing my beloved sport. I spent the next 12 weeks working hard using physiotherapy exercises to rehabilitate the medial ligament while hoping that the meniscus would naturally heal too. Unfortunately it did not, so fearing the worst I visited Mr. Vioreanu for his expert advice. And that was when everything changed.

Mihai's attitude, personality and professional approach immediately put me at ease and following an examination of my MRI scan and a good talk about the actual details of the injury, he recommended "removing the stone that was in my shoe" offering me a date for surgery the following week. Immediately after surgery we spoke again and he offered me some good advice regarding recovery exercises and preparation techniques for when I would be going back playing 4 to 5 weeks! After my follow up visit he told me I could start playing again immediately and that everything had healed up as expected. I naturally had doubts but he put my mind at ease by talking to me as a person who plays sports and not just a patient.

It was this approach that I think defined him best. Having a surgeon who plays sport and knows the actual physical demands makes such as huge difference. Much like having a referee who actually played the game can have a proper feel for how the game is transforming. Back playing football now week in and week out and there are no knee issues at all.

Thank you Mihai. You are a true credit to your profession and your game.
Nichloas O'Meara
Bilateral Knee Replacement: "Back to playing bowls pain free"
Nichloas O'Meara, Bilateral TKR Surgery, Whitehall, Dublin 9

At 82 years of age I had both my knees replaced at Santry Sports Clinic by Mr. Mihai Vioreanu, who came highly recommended. I had my first consultation with Mr.Vioreanu in mid-july 2016, and was very impressed with how he explained the whole procedure to me, including the emphasis he put on the importance of doing the exercises, both pre and post op. Very down to earth, and made me feel, ‘ok let’s go, let’s get on with it’.

I have no doubt Mihai has something special, he even comes across as a friend, as I refer to him at home. I had the first knee done at the end of August 2016 and the second one done four and a half months later in January 2017. Each op was done on a Friday afternoon, and I was discharged on a Monday morning after sessions with the Physiotherapist, who put me through some exercises, and the drill of going up and down stairs. Everything went like a dream due to the wonderful skill of Mr. Vioreanu and his team, who gave me the best possible care and attention, also to the ward staff who looked after me so well, I give them a big thank you, and ten plus, they could not do enough for me. 

After all that went so well for me in the clinic, the last chapter was left to me, a small one but a very important one – doing the exercises at home. When I was leaving the clinic after the first op, Mr. Vioreanu gave me a booklet showing the post op exercises I had to do. I did them exactly as instructed, every day, and it paid off. Six weeks after my first knee replacement (when I was back driving), I recommenced playing competitive outdoor bowls with Aer Lingus Bowling Club. Just five weeks after the second op, I was delighted to win an indoor bowls competition and since March 2017 I have been once again back to full competition level in outdoor bowls and enjoying it thoroughly. Before having the knee replacements, I had to take pain killers just to get through a match, now I don’t need them at all – I have not taken a pain killer since February. My wife Anne and myself are now looking forward to getting back in the Autumn to our other pastime, sequence dancing. Happy days are here again! It’s like having a new pair of legs. All credit to Santry Sports Clinic, including their very helpful Receptionists, also to whoever is responsible for keeping the clinic spotless and shining (which made a very good first impression on me).   

Again, I have to say a big thank you to Mr. Vioreanu and his excellent team for making it all a very happy experience. In my book, Mihai is ‘THE SPECIAL ONE’. I can’t recommend him highly enough. 

Update (January, 2018)

Just over a year since my second knee replacement: Very glad to report, no problems I’m A1.

I bowl four times a week, outdoor and indoor, and enjoy it to the full. Just wonderful.

Forever grateful, and always singing your praises.


Nicola Hare
bilateral, simultaneous TKR surgery: "Pain free and no limp at 3 months"
Nicola Hare, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

I am 40 years old and Mihai performed bilateral, simultaneous full knee replacement surgery for me just over three months ago.


The surgery was a complete success. I now walk pain free and without any limp. I am living my life to the full again. 

I will be forever grateful for the outstanding level of care I received from Mihai and his clinical and admin teams.


Mihai makes you feel so at ease when you meet him. He radiates such kindness and you can see how much he actually truly cares about your wellbeing. 

I highly recommend Mihai as a surgeon for both his expertise and for the warmth and kindness he portrays to his patients.

Noel Caulfield
"Very down to earth & Accessible at all times"
Noel Caulfield, Total Hip Replacement, Dublin

I attended the Beacon Hospital for almost nine years and the Hip and Knee Specialist was trying to bring my right knee 'back from the brink' with daily pain killers and injections. 

I decided to go attend Mr. Mihai Vioreanu and I liked him instantly. He told me that my right hip was causing most of my knee problems. I accepted what he said and had a Total Hip Replacement in April 2018. Life has been great since as I no longer take pain killers and I have no pain in my knee. 

The professionalism from start to finish was incredible both from Mihai and Santry Sports Clinic. 

Unlike so many other Specialists Mihai was very down to earth and accessible at all times. 

Noel, Dublin

Oisin McGrath
Triathlon Athlete: "Pushing for World Championship medals"
Oisin McGrath, Triathlon Athlete, Dublin
Hi Mihai,

I just wanted to write to you and your team and express my thanks for the care and effort you put in to a very successful surgery after a very significant injury.

You performed a right patella open reduction and internal fixation on 29/10/14 and 11 months after the surgery I won 2 European gold and silver medals at the European Surf-Lifesaving Championships in Spain.

I am pushing for World Championship medals this year. Recovery is still ongoing but training is going great!

As an international athlete yourself, I am sure you will get a small degree of pleasure from this!

Thanks again!
Paul O'Flaherty
Bilateral Knee Replacement: "Enjoying a whole New Way of Life"
Paul O'Flaherty, Bilateral Knee Replacement, Glenagreary, Co Dublin
On the 27 January 2016 I had a decision to make - my two knees had been paining me for the last 5 years - but in the past year they had gotten considerably worse, to the point where I found it difficult to walk or play golf. I checked the Sport Surgery Clinic in Santry and reading Mr. Mihai Vioreanu's web page, I was very impressed by his experience of hip and knee replacement surgery. I called is PA Ms. Gwen Jackson and within 1 week she was able to give me an appointment to see Mr. Vioreanu. I had never been in hospital before for any procedure so I was very apprehensive. Mr. Vioreanu showed me the X-ray on both my knees and the only solution was knee replacements. He explained in great detail to me the procedure, he put my mind at ease and gave me a program to follow before my operation on the 8 April 2016. Four weeks after my first operation I was able to drive. The program he put me on helped me to sleep at night and also helped my recovery. I was so pleased with this outcome I booked for my second knee to be done on 26 July, this time I was back driving in 3 weeks.

I am now enjoying a whole new way of life and I am so thankful to Mr. Vioreanu for his excellent surgery, his dedication to me as a patient and on the 3 October I played my first game of golf in 12 months with no after affects. I walk most days for an hour without pain.

The best decision I ever made was to see Mr. Vioreanu, he has changed my life.
Pauline McCaughey
"Nothing was ever too much bother, whatever the request"
Pauline McCaughey, Total Hip Replacement , Derry, Northern Ireland

To all the staff at Sports Surgery Clinic.

Just 6 weeks ago I received a hip replacement at your clinic and would like to take a few moments to express my sincere gratitude for the care and attention I received during my stay.

From the very first moment of making contact with the clinic through a telephone enquiry, to the stages that followed - the first consultation, checking in, my pre op consultation, until my discharge 3 days later; I received the utmost professional care and courtesy by every member of staff, whatever their status. Nothing was ever too much bother, whatever the request, and it was apparent on each occasion my own welfare came first.

At every meeting with a staff member I was greeted by a cheerful manner, which was always accompanied by pleasant and reassuring words to ensure my maximum comfort.

I will be forever grateful to my surgeon Dr Mihai Vioreanu and his wonderful team for all their expertise, care and support. The result of the surgery is truly amazing . To be free of the very debilitating pain is nothing short of miraculous. 

So thank you for giving me back my life and putting the spring back in my step.

Yours sincerely

Pauline McCaughey

Robert Stowe
Total Hip Replacement: "A New lease of Life totally pain free"
Robert Stowe, Total Hip Replacement, Kinsealy, Co Dublin

I would just like to thank Mr Vioreanu for the fantastic work which he performed on my hip which was really badly deteriorated and I was in agonising pain and discomfort to the point of struggling to walk.


I attended his clinic and had a diagnosis and scan immediately, and successful surgery within two weeks.

I am now 4 years on and in fantastic shape. He has given me a new lease of life totally pain free. 

Many thanks, 

Robert Stowe.

Sam Blair
ACL Reconstruction: "Stronger than before the injury"
Sam Blair, ACL Reconstruction, Co Dublin
I had ACL reconstruction with Mr Mihai Vioreanu after suffering a freak accident during a rugby game.

After surgery I followed Mihai's rehabilitation program under guidance from my club physio. After 6 months I am now weight lifting the same as before my injury, participating in team training's while not suffering any pain and running very comfortably. I am feeling stronger then before my injury and on course to be training fully in the next month or so. Looking forward to play a rugby match again.

Thank you Mihai.

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