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Bernice Molony
Exceptionally Professional Surgery & Follow-up
Bernice Molony, General Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia
As a GP and a patient I can fully appreciate the quality of care I received having my ACL reconstruction done with Mr Vioreanu.

I had a skiing accident and ruptured my ACL. Within a few days of my return home I had an appointment and discussion with Mihai about my options and likely time frames which was very important to me both for work, and, as I was emigrating to Australia within a few months. I was extremely happy with the care that I received having opted to go ahead with surgical reconstruction. My physiotherapist was amazed by my quick recovery and minimal scarring. On leaving Ireland I was even given contacts in Australia in case I needed any follow up (I didn’t) and I have had no issues getting back to pre-injury sports activities. Often I forget which knee was operated due the excellent function of the reconstructed knee.

Many thanks for an exceptionally professional surgery and follow up. I absolutely recommend Mr Vioreanu both as a patient and as a GP.
Blaithin Brady
Highest standard of care & Excellent recovery rates for our players
Blaithin Brady, Physiotherapist, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Mr. Vioreanu has been looking after many of our Monkstown and Leinster junior rugby players for the past 18 months. Since I met Mihai I have seen a huge improvement in both the rehabilitation time and prognosis for our players. From using the most innovative surgical options to constantly being there for any post operative advice Mihai has done it all. Mihai has made a significant impact on our selection of players over the last 18 months as anyone we have sent to him has received the highest standard of care and their recovery rates have been excellent. 

The best professional recommendation that I can give to Mihai is that he would be the first surgeon I would be calling if I injured myself on the playing field. His patient centered practice and attention to detail are second to none and I believe he has been a super addition to the Sports Surgery Clinical Team.
Cathy Tyndall
High level of communication
Cathy Tyndall, Chartered Physiotherapist, Skerries, Co. Dublin.

I am very happy to recommend the services of Mr. Mihai Vioreanu. Mihai has developed an exceptional surgical service from our patient’s first appointment through to discharge. 

As a group of Chartered Physiotherapists, we are delighted to work with Mihai, who adopts a very pro-rehabilitation approach. What stands out about Mihai’s service is the high level of communication between surgeon, physiotherapist and patient, forming an essential chain of communication from the day of the first assessment through to the day of discharge.

Our patients can rest assured that Mihai always makes himself available to us to address any queries or concerns and is always keen to keep up to speed with their progress every step of the way towards a full and complete recovery

Conor Bourke
Example of the modern surgeon
Conor Bourke, Physical Therapist, Kilross Clinic, Co. Cork
I contacted Mihai as I was interested in knowing more about how ACL surgery was done. I had rehabilitated plenty of ACL patients, some of which Mihai had operated on, but never saw a live surgery. It was a cold call and I wasn't expecting a reply as I had contacted other surgeons also without response. I received a prompt reply with an invitation to visit his OR and spend some time speaking to him about his surgical approach & his rehab protocols.

I witnessed first hand Mihai's excellent surgical skills and his professional approach towards his patients. Post surgery we spent some time going through his rehab protocols. I was was very impressed with his generous attitude and openness.

Mihai is a shining example of the modern surgeon, ready and willing to engage with other healthcare professionals, and communicate openly to ensure optimal recovery of his patients.
David Harrison
An absolute gentleman and highly skilled surgeon
David Harrison, General Practitioner, Co Roscommon
I have dealt with Mihai as both a GP and as a patient. I am a GP in Roscommon and ruptured my cruciate ligament on the GAA pitch in Sept, 2014, 5 weeks before my wedding day. I wanted to get it sorted and on the road to recovery ASAP. Having had the MRI and the leg in otherwise excellent shape, Mihai deemed me suitable to have the surgery 2 weeks after the injury. I met with him and was delighted with the experience. He spends quite some time explaining things, answer (the many!) questions and focuses on a holistic approach to recovery and rehab.

Mihai is an absolute gentleman and a highly skilled surgeon. The surgery itself was a resounding success. Mihai emphasises a plyometric warmup regime to prevent cruciate injury recurrence. I made a complete recovery and was back playing competitively in under 9 months. I haven’t looked back since and am fitter and faster than ever. As former doctor to the Roscommon GAA team and a practicing GP in Roscommon, given my hugely positive experience I had, I had no hesitation to refer any GAA player with a knee issue to him. And each and every one of these players was delighted with the level of care received.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mihai as a top notch knee surgeon. 5 stars.

Update (October 2018 ):
"I refer my patients to you because I believe in your exceptional abilities as a surgeon and as a person! 
I'm still flying in sport, continuing to hit me heights. Thanks to you." 
Dr. Alin Marga
Exceptional professional interaction
Dr. Alin Marga, General Practitioner, Charlestown Medical Centre, Dublin
I would highly recommend Mr Mihai Vioreanu to any of my patients in need of a knee or hip-related professional opinion.

My professional experience with Mihai is an exceptional one and I am constantly re-assured by my patients treated by Mr. Vioreanu.
Dr. Konstantinos Intzoglou
Excellent speaker and person in general
Dr. Konstantinos Intzoglou, Orthopaedic Fellow, Athens, Greece

I met Mr. Vioreanu in a Congress held in Corfu, Greece where he was an invited speaker of the Chairman Dr. Georgoulis. Mr. Vioreanu presented on the topic about meniscal preservation. He gave an inspiring talk that I will remember for a long time and included all the necessary basics but also points such as: "Meniscectomy is a devastating procedure, much more than ACL reconstruction is".

I personally worked in a clinic with a doctor who was head of the department that had the same way of thinking! I also share his believes and finding similar principles shared by other doctors as well is excellent! I also discussed with Mr. Vioreanu the following day, during the Congress, and I was glad to find out that the excellent speaker/doctor was also accompanied by an excellent person in general!

I left Corfu knowing that I have met a good colleague for future reference! After all that is the point of travelling to those events: meeting colleagues and building up a network of colleagues that will bring medicine one step ahead! And Mihai Vioreanu surely is one of these doctors!

Dr. Sorin Gabor, Phd
Exceptionally Professional and efficient Surgical Team
Dr. Sorin Gabor, Phd, Orthopaedic Surgeon , Semur en Auxois, France
I visited Mr. Mihai Vioreanu at Sport Surgery Clinic Santry, as a visiting surgeon for one week in May 2017. It was a great surgical, professional and personal experience to participate at many high level surgical interventions including ACL reconstructions, meniscal repairs, and knee and hip replacements performed by Mr. Mihai Vioreanu. I was really impressed by Mr. Vioreanu innovations in meniscal repairs and other surgical techniques and peri-operative management of his patients.  I was very impressed by his exceptionally professional and efficient surgical team, the high level standard of the SSC Santry, and in particular the emphasis towards quick recovery and rehabilitation after the surgery. It was a great honour for me and I intend to come back for a second visit to SSC Santry in the near future. Thank you Mihai for your hospitality.  PHD Sorin Gabor,Ortopaedic Surgeon, CH Semur en Auxois, France.
East Coast
Very Accessible, highly skilled & excellent outcomes
East Coast, , Physiotherapy Clinic, Ashford, Co Wicklow

East Coast Physio has been referring clients to Mr Vioreanu for the past number of years for a number of reasons. 

Mihai is very accessible to our patients (generally sees them within a week), has a very good bedside manner, and we trust his judgment in terms of whether surgery is really required or not. 

Mihai places great emphasis on the importance of rehabilitation and how that can eliminate the need for surgery, but when surgery is required he is highly skilled and his outcomes are excellent. 

We highly recommend him at our clinic.

Karl Sexton
Unique and Positive Professional approach
Karl Sexton, Chartered Physiotherapist, Bray, Co Dublin.
I highly recommend Mr Mihai Vioreanu to patients requiring an Orthopaedic opinion on Hip & Knee conditions. Patients report high satisfaction with the time taken to explain their condition and treatment options available.

Mihai’s interest in collaborative postoperative care and rehabilitation is in my experience a unique and positive professional approach.
Excellent care, surgical technique and attention to detail
Marjan, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, Canada
Dear Mr.Vioreanu,

I wanted to send a note on behalf of both myself and my mother to say thank you for the excellent care that she has received from you. You performed a total hip replacement for my mum only four weeks ago.

I honestly cannot believe how well Mum is doing - she has had no pain at all since her surgery. She is walking very, very well with her crutches with an excellent gait pattern for this stage of her recovery, and is managing her exercises without difficulty.

We are both delighted with the result, it is beyond our expectations. Having seen a hip replacement being performed in the OR while I was at physio school, I am well aware of what's involved during the procedure, and know what a difference surgical technique will make to post-operative pain and swelling.

I am convinced that her lack of pain, and as a result, her ease with walking and progression with her activity is due to your excellent care, surgical technique and attention to detail during her surgery.

Thank you.
Mark Cornish
Open door for constant feed-back or queries
Mark Cornish, MDC Physiotherapy, Kildare Town, Co. Kildare
Mr Mihai Vioreanu has assessed and treated many of my patients since establishing his practice in Santry Sports Clinic with hugely positive feedback being returned.

Patients report Mihai's explanations to treatment, whether that be surgical or conservative management, as being very thorough and clear while never feeling rushed during appointments. Detailed rehabilitation protocols and an exceptional quality of surgical procedures have ensured a timely return to sport and activity levels for all my knee patients that have been seen by Mihai.

An open door for constant feedback or queries from both patients and practitioners allows for a greater working relationship to ensure all aspects of the patients rehabilitation is constantly monitored.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring my patients to Mihai and will continue to do so in the future.

Mark Doolan
I couldn't be happier with the results of my surgery
Mark Doolan, Chartered Physiotherapist, Auckland, New Zealand ( ex SSC, Dublin )

Several weeks after completing my undergraduate studies as a physiotherapist, I ruptured my ACL playing football. I knew the severity of the injury and felt I had a good grasp of its implications, but none the less I was nervous about the prospect of surgery and subsequent rehab. 

My physio recommended Mr Vioreanu as he had referred several patients to him for ACL surgery in the past and had received nothing but excellent feedback from them. 

Mihai was an absolute gentleman from the outset and made me feel at ease. We explored the options available, discussed proposed time frames and he answered any questions I had. Throughout my lead-up to surgery and subsequent follow-up, Mihai was easily contactable and very approachable. I commenced my first physio job only four weeks after my surgery and I have had a very successful rehab. 

Subsequently, since my surgery I have met and treated many of Mihai’s patients while working as a Physiotherapist at SSC and the positive feedback has been unanimous. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my ACL reconstruction and would recommend Mr Mihai Vioreanu to anyone undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

Mick Hoey
A Pure Gentleman
Mick Hoey, Physical Therapist, Carbury Sports Clinic, Co Kildare

Hi Mr Mihai, 

Just a quick email to thank you so much for allowing me into your theatre on Friday. I have to say it was amazing, I have never experienced anything like that before. 

Thank you for your generosity and kindness. You're a pure gentleman, and I know if any of my patients need knee surgery, they are in your safe hands.

Thanks again



Robert Doyle
Expert Assessment and Treatment
Robert Doyle, MISCP, MSc. Sports & Ex Med, Portmarnock Physiotherapy Clinic, Dublin

Mr Vioreanu is a surgeon who I am very comfortable in sending my patients to as I know exactly what to expect of his services. 

Each patient will receive an expert assessment and treatment with clear and concise information on rehabilitation conveyed to both the patient and also the referring practitioner. 

I highly recommend Mr Vioreanu’s services to all patients who require a skilled orthopaedic assessment.

Leave a testimonial for Mr. Mihai Vioreanu

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